Manga and his wife Sila, organic cotton farmers, Barwani distri

Organic cotton farmer Manga and his wife Sila who joined one of the AKRSP promoted Farmer Interest Groups, found that since going organic they spend significantly less money on farm inputs. Earlier they spent Rs. 40,000 per year on seeds, pesticides and fertilisers but now, after adopting organic farming practices, they are just paying for the extra labour they need to help pick the cotton during harvest season as well as the monthly FIG membership fee which is Rs 300. Manga and his wife have also been able to grow a 100kg of chili’s on the same land on which they are growing cotton, using some of the chili’s for their own consumption but selling most of them in the local market for around Rs. 120 per kg. With the savings Manga is making in his farming he has been able to start paying off his large debts to the local money-lender.

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